Professional Siding
Painting Services

Seeking more curb appeal to sell your home? Changing the look of a home to add a signature touch? Siding painting is a cost-effective option.

Replacing the siding on a home can be expensive. Instead, why not get your desired look for a fraction of the price by painting? Hire Enviro Painting and breathe new life into your home.

Refresh Your
Home's Exterior

Wood looks great when it’s well maintained, doesn’t it?! Wood siding is a big component people see from the outside, so a fresh paint job enhances its beauty and refreshes the look for years!

How different from wood siding is aluminum siding? When it comes to painting, not much really. Our crews have experience with all kinds of siding and will give your aluminum siding a fresh update. Just like aluminum, vinyl siding is quite flexible to work with. We take all the steps to clean and prep the siding before setting out to paint it. When all is done, you’ll have a great colour and look for years.


Frequently Asked Questions

We use only the finest quality materials, meaning that our paint can last anywhere from five years, to ten, and beyond! The paint on vinyl and aluminium lasts, even longer. Rather than peeling and chipping, however, it will become powdery after a few decades 

Absolutely! We’re happy to help with repainting your siding to keep it fresh and pristine. Siding has a large impact on your curb appeal, so if you suspect that your siding is due for a new paint job, contact us and we can discuss a repainting job. 


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