Parkade Painting
Services In Ottawa

Painting the walls and concrete flooring of a parkade is the perfect way to enhance a space that is otherwise quite drab. For instance, using white paint on the walls increases light reflection, creating a safer space for residents, clients, or employees.

Materials used in parkades can be challenging to paint. That’s why working with a professional painting service means you’ll benefit from long-term durability. Trust our team to protect and enhance your parkade in Ottawa. 

When To Paint Concrete

Painting the floors of your parkade will be more pleasant for staff and preserve and protect the concrete. Enviro Painting also paints concrete walls for commercial spaces and industrial facilities. 

Enhance the look of your parkade and extend its life. We also do a variety of other concrete surface painting for commercial spaces & industrial facilities. Protect the concrete and provide a more finished look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Get in touch with our team and we’ll provide you with a large variety of colours to choose from. We make the process easy; we walk you through the entire process with colour charts, samples, and examples.

Only a couple of minutes! We coordinate a plan before executing the paint job to minimize the disturbance to the parking lot users. While you should give the park lot users notice about the paint job, they will hardly be impeded by our great work. 


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