Professional Epoxy Cleaning

Why use epoxy? It’s stronger and more abrasion-resistant than ordinary house paint. Its industrial applications include warehouses, cafeterias, parking garages, and other heavy-use spaces. Keep your space clean and well-sealed with epoxy coating, available in a variety of colours.

When to Use
Epoxy Flooring

Garages and basements benefit most from epoxy coating. A sealed garage floor is easy to keep clean and will hold up better to vehicles. Basement floors are more resistant to moisture with epoxy coating.

Epoxy coating is also ideal in many commercial spaces. A sealed floor is essential in commercial kitchens, cafeterias and other high-traffic areas, and works well for garages and shop floors. When properly applied by an experienced professional, epoxy coating will provide a solid flooring option that will survive the test of time against all kinds of heavy-duty use.


Frequently Asked Questions

No! An epoxy floor is renowned for its resistance to everyday wear and tear; that’s one of the reasons why it makes such a great flooring choice for garages and basements! It will, however, get worn if mistreated or if heavy objects regularly slam into it. Treat it with care and it’ll do the same for your feet!

Thankfully, not too long. Give the Epoxy 24 hours to set before stepping on it (or using it whatsoever). For vehicles, you should wait between 48 and 72 hours before use. Note that weather conditions play a factor in this too – humidity and temperature will alter the drying timeline. 


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