Dryfall Painting
In Ottawa

Dryfall paint is available in acrylic, alkyd, and epoxy formulations. It is a preferred method of commercial painting for large-scale settings. Dryfall paint is easy to apply, fast-drying, mess-free, and easy to clean up. Among many other advantages, dryfall painting offers many benefits over traditional commercial painting techniques. 

We offer our dryfall commercial painting services, backed by an experienced team who are dedicated to exceptional workmanship and service. 

Benefits of Dryfall Painting

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re painting experts – of course! While never 100% accurate, it will appear so. Our dryfall experts will use a test patch to determine the correct colours to use for the matching process. We will test a variety of patches until we find the perfect match for your dryfall project.

No! One of the primary benefits of dryfall paint is that the finish does not conduct dust and debris. Surfaces painted with dryfall are known for their low maintenance needs – that’s what makes it such a great choice for industrial and commercial applications. 


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