Professional Deck &
Fencing Painting

To make sure your deck and fence will survive & thrive for many more years, painting or staining them is highly recommended. With tough Ottawa winters, decks and fences take a beating. Bring them back to life by hiring Enviro Painting.

Are you selling your home in the near future? Imagine the difference in curb appeal between a house that has decks and fences with splinters and worn, dull paint; versus one that is in tip-top shape with a glowing coat of paint or stain. We can help get you the latter!

Our Deck and Fence Staining
& Painting Service

Paint is an effective way to add depth & colour to your deck. It also conceals imperfections and blemishes. Plus, its durability means you can count on it to last longer – a good investment! Other benefits include: 

  • Restore visual appeal to your fence
  • Enhance your house’s curb appeal
  • Professional quality for a job done right

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the conditions and type of paint we use. Typically, you should wait for one to two hours before it’s dry. However, try to wait four to seven hours before using it or walking on it. If it’s particularly hot outside you may want to wait even longer

Yes. Painting your fence gives it a layer of protection from the elements and will increase its lifespan. Not only that, but it looks good too! We have a wide variety of colours to choose from, so we’re confident that we can find the perfect shade for you!.


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