Concrete Painting
By Enviro Painting

Whether it’s a basement or garage, commercial or industrial facility, concrete painting seals the concrete, so it no longer creates dust. It also lets you add colour and personalization to an otherwise drab space.

Concrete, however, is not without its challenges to paint. Adhesion and long-term durability are key issues. That’s why it’s important to trust your project to a team of experienced professionals.

When To Paint

Painting floors for commercial or industrial spaces will attract customers, be more pleasant for staff, and preserve & protect the concrete. Enviro Painting also paints concrete walls for commercial spaces & industrial facilities. 

  • Protect & enhance your concrete floor
  • Commercial and residential experience
  • Professional craftsmanship from the paint experts

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly not. Concrete can be painted with just about any colour. Our expert concrete members will collaborate with you to get the exact colour you want. Depending on the circumstances, we can colour-match with nearby surfaces to give your concrete a professional and fresh appearance.

Yes, in the way that the two chemicals behave on contact with concrete. Stains cut into the concrete itself and “become one” with the concrete. Concrete paint coats the surface with a very thin layer and fills up cracks and other inconsistencies for a smooth, attractive finish. We prepare the concrete surface to avoid chipping and peeling. 


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