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Before exterior brick stainingAfter exterior brick staining

How Does Brick
Staining Work?

After years of suffering from weather damage, bricks can start to
look faded and old. Brick staining provides:
Our team at Enviropainting can stain your bricks and make them
look brand new. The paint will also serve as a protective layer so
that your brick is protected against Ottawa’s harsh weather.

Permanent Treatment

A brick stain that adheres in two ways permanently. Since the porosity
of each brick can differ, we’ve formulated a stain that combines the
adhesiveness of a paint with the permanent finish of a stain.

A stain with the
adhesiveness of a paint


With the permanence
of a stain

Protect your bricks and
let them breathe, 24/7

Our brick stain lets your brick breathe, 24/7. Staining bricks helps apply a protective layer that combats the effect of weathering and other erosion & damage that can occur over time.

Protect your bricks
from weather damage.


Let your bricks
breathe better.

Protect your brick
against the elements

Once our brick stain has been applied and has dried, it does not allow moisture to pass through. Your brick will be completely protected from weather damage.
Residential home after brick staining

Use Our Paint
Visualizer Tool

Use our paint visualizer tool to see what the
results of your exterior painting project might
look like! Try a few different options to find the
right colour or shade for your exterior project.
Once you have made your decision, contact us
today and we will be happy to book an
appointment and get started!
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A transformation your
neighbours will envy.

Enviro Painting has worked on a number of projects in the Ottawa area. Using our visualizer tool, our clients are able to get an idea of the expected results before we get started. Take a look at some of our past projects or try our visualizer tool for your self!


Frequently Asked Questions

A well-done brick staining job lasts anywhere from six years to two decades. However, the weather conditions may affect this. Harsh winters and humid winters are the primary culprits of wear and tear. Thankfully, we use the highest quality materials available to mitigate the wear of your brick.

No. Brick staining maintains the integrity of your brick and will keep the texture feeling as it should. The stain penetrates deep into the brick and lets it breathe. Essentially, it has no effect on the brick other than making it look amazing!


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